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is sometimes called Candlemas.  Some Traditions set this day as when they make candles for the upcoming year.
Making your own candles.    Even if you
don't make your own candles; you make special candle holders!

Ideas for Glass Holders:
             You can use a strong glue to glue things on!
Silicone based  glues  should be used in a well vented room!
Jewelry glue works well.  Alene has a jewel tacky glue that works

Glass paint pagan designs on the holder.
You can use a pentagram,  spiral, or even a goddess syblem

Glue small gems on the holder.
Glue ribbons, ribbon flowers, or charms on!

Glue tissue paper in a collage type pattern.

Ideas for all types of Holders:

Tie ribbons around the holder.
Add  flowers, charms, gems or whatever!
Cinnamon sticks with raffia makes a beautiful fall candle holder.

Fabric can be glue onto holder also.  With tacky glue or fabric
glue such as Alenes Ok to wash it.