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Prosperty Talisman.

3 1/2 x 5" rectangle of posterboard
a pen
dollar bill

leaving the corners of the rectangle open decorate the middle with things like paints, glitter, herbs, whatever you feel is right. Cut the four corners of the dollar bill. This is sympathic magick. You have to have money attact money.

On the back of card or on another piece of paper write:
This is a talisman of Prosperty. Place this card where you can see it everyday. At least on time a day hold to your chest and repeat this chant: Talisman of Prosperty, All good things now come my way.

Or a any saying like that. Whatever you feel comfortable saying or doing. If a gift; can change to better suit the person.

Visualize the success of the Talisman of Prosperty when making it.

Edain McCoy and _Llewwllyn's Magical Almanac 1996_

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