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Magick Bags

Some call them medicine bags, mojos, mojo hands, cris cris or charm bags.

I have been told different things to put in medicine bags by different people. It depends on the tribe, family or nation. But a friend puts corn meal or corn, sage, horse hair, feathers and crystals. I like the idea of honoring the 3 sisters: Corn, beans, squash. I have dried corn, a couple old dried beans, and pumpkin seeds in my medicine bag. But for my car protection bag I have rice cause my car is from Korea. And Horse hair cause it is said to bring protection in traveling. The one by my front door has things like cinnamon and a return address label. So what you put in your bag is up to you!

First decide the bags job; as in one for protection.
Then pick the color of the material.
Some believe that it must be natural cloth.
Where others believe if it is something recycled not trashed; it's is ok to use.
This is your decision or your covens.
Sew a drawstring bag or use a circle piece of material.
Inside put herbs, small charms, crystals, names or whatever you feel important to the job of the bag.
Many people use the number 3 as in 3 herbs, 3 crystals and/or whatever
(for the 3 phases of the goddess).
Charms can be used outside to make it look sharp.
However if you like you can place them inside.
Cleanse the crystals and charms with salt water, sage smoke or light of a full moon.
What you do is your choice.
Tell the bag it's job.
Tie closed.

As in what colors, herbs, and crystals but it is up to you.

Most of the time I just use leather (not dyed) or muslin.
Muslin is a off white fabric that doesn't drain your checking account

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