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Charm Jar

Yes this idea is Silver Ravenwolf for the _Magical Almanac _ where she explains she was always giving something from her magickal cabinet to people.
This was begining to cost some money....
She explains that in Pow-Wow practioners use safty pins to get rid of negativity
(wear on your left sleeve) and button for charming purposes.
So in a jar she put some buttons and safty pins.
But I have many charms themselves laying around.
I like to make jewelry and friends'give me old broken jewelry to make something new with.
So I use my charm jar with jewelry charms and beads.
For minor magick just get your charm jar (you can use whatever you want button, charms or beads).
Have the person choose the pin and bead or button.
You can clease and empower the safty pin with a charm or button together.
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