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I believe when we cook we pour our love into the food. What better way to say hey I love you then to make a special meal for that special someone.
Ah... it's like when you bring a quart of chocolate ice-cream to a friend that has just broken up with her boyfriend. Cause chocolate is know for the chemical reaction that is the same as falling in love. Why not check out the Chocolate Ritual?
It's when you plan that "special" dinner for two. Or even "Honey let me make dinner tonight, you had a big day" is pure love in my book!!

One more thing.... I did a page with recipes on it too.
But I have this page for the different ideas you can change to fit your families likes and dislikes.

Connecting with your Inner Child

Ingredients: Favorite foods from youth

These ingredients are yours to pick. Pick your favorites as a child, and yet they are things you may never eat today-- Maybe it's cotton candy, hotdogs, or cookie dough. Have foods that take you back to the days of your childhood. Eat these foods and meditate on your inner child. Try to bring him or her out by laughing and sharing these treats. Sometimes this is the hardest step. Some inner children are scared so don't try to push it (as you would with a real child) and don't give up you can do this another time to connect with your inner child.
Take note of what your innerchild is needs and is asking for: comfort, healing, fun, joy, security? As an adult you are now capable of providing those things for your inner child. End your meditation with a kiss on the forehead, a hug or whatever you and your inner child feel comfortable with.

More ways to connent with a inner child:
Walk threw the mud puddle!
Color with crayons or markers!
Watch bugs..
Watch the rain dripple down a window.
Watch cartoons! (giggle)
Use your imganation!
Find that invisible friend!
Yell everything!! (giggle)
Giggle ALOT!! ALOT!!
~My innerchild help with this list.~

Feeling down

Drink some rootbeer. Rootbeer is said to clear up depression and the blues.
One more for the inner child list for me Rootbeer Floats! Yum!Yum! And Fun!

Sea shells

Sea shells are one of the symbols of the goddess.
Make some sea shell macaroni salad, or cheese and sea shell maaroni in her honor.

Romantic foods

Heart shaped foods do add to the romance of the meal.
Just add the magick.
Apples are used for love spells. Cut one in half. offer the half to the person you are interested in. If they take it they will be yours.
Place on alter for a love to be called to you

Love sugar

Make some love sugar. Add a teaspoon of vanilla to around a cup of sugar. Spread out on a cookie sheet. Let dry. Place in a jar or bowl. Use when you want to send some one your love. Use it to remind your family how much you love them .... However it can be used to sweeten a area that needs help. As in someone at work giving you a hard time? Sprinkle some on their desk or a memo.

Fruit Salad

Fruit have been offered to the gods in many different civilizations.
You can cut fruit into shapes for a given magickal purpose.
Add passion fruit or mangos for your love life.

Good for Spirituality, communications, friendship,

Bread sticks

Use frozen rolls or frozen bread. After it de-thaws shape into the shapes of magickal working.
Dollars signs for money. Hearts for love. I like this one! Sometimes I do this just cause I want my family to "remember I love them."
Brush with butter or egg wash. Can sprinkle cheese on top or cinnamon and sugar. Bake at times on package (or for about 15-20 minutes on 400 degrees.)

Good for love and gaining your magical purpose (bepending on shape).

Spicy snack mix

That hot and spicy mix of peanuts, pretzels, small crackers, and spicy sauce is great for Energy, protection and change.


Eggs absorb negativity so always salt when you eat them.
Eggs can be used as a negativity magnet, drawing it from the body. Or when you feel as you have been cursed Move the egg up and down over your body.
-OR- Take a bath with a egg inside a tub careful not to break it....
bury into the earth as to bury your negativity or curse.
Eat together with loved one and strenghten your bond.
Always salt before eating to purify the negativity.

Marriage foods

Food that keep a marriage strong are lima or kidney beans and cabbage or cole slaw. To enhance your marriage boil without cutting during a waxing moon. To end a problem cut and cook cabbage during waning moon. When you make cole slaw; see you and your mate cutting threw your problems, toss up in the air for the help of the gods' help in in solving the problem. The kidney or lima beans are used in case where you are thinking divorce. Beans help open the heart to love.

Help at Work

A cup of coffee and a cinnamon doughnut.
Coffee increases you work. Cinnamon adds luck and swiftness.
Nuts. Nuts help aid your communication.
Black Cherry Soda for confidence. Asking for a raise maybe?
Cinnamon gum with pineapple candy will help with money and luck
Spearmint gum when you need to keep a clear head.
Wintergreen gum for protection. For dangerous jobs or areas.
Looking for a job. Cinnamon gum and cherry candy may help at the interview for you to get that job!

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