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This is my Kitchen where magick and fun happen.

I am a electic witch, a little bit kitchen witch, a little bit shaman,
a little bit fairy tradition, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Kitchen witches belong to the "keep it simple, it's the thought that counts" school of magick.
Even if dinner originated from Kraft, it is the love you have placed in that macaroni and cheese that is important.
Patricia Telesco

I really believe that! I do however make quite a few meals that way we all have days like that! I do still cook but that is because I love to cook. But I still use those boxed items!

This is like a peak into my grimoire.
But not all of it some I will keep to myself!

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I have been writing for a Church booklet for craft ideas threw the sabbots. The church homepage is

Church of Spiral Oak

but here is the ideas for you to check out.

Yule 2000
Imbolc 2001

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