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Pantry magick

Magick from the pantry

Note to new witches: remember to empower the ingredients! This can be done by visualise the intent, meditating with intent, seeing outcome always the possitive, sending light or whatever feels right to you

Spell TO Eliminate Poverty

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, rice, open safety pin

Based on a New Orleans voodoo formula, this spell will insure that you always have the basics. Fill a bowl with equal parts sugar, salt, and rice. Place an open safety pin in its center. Keep the bowl out in the open to eliminate poverty.

The Freeze-Your-Enemy Spell

Ingredients: 1 plastic ice cube tray, 1 piece of paper, water, sugar or honey (optional).

Write the names of your enemys on small pieces of paper. If you have a signature it is even more effective. Then fill a blue ice cube tray with water and put in the freezer. This will keep them from taking any negative action against you. If you want to sweeten them up; add a drop of honey or a pinch of sugar to the water.

Protection for Negativity


With a salt shaker sprinkle salt around the area you want to keep negativity out. If at home sprinkle at front door, outside stairs or porch. At work sprinkle your work area by holding a salt shaker in hand. It does have to be a huge amount. NO negativity will stay long after crossing the line of salt. Salt is great a purifer. One should always salt a egg before eating for eggs are great negativity magnets!!

Stop Family Fighting

I use when washing my clothes to stop the fighting
Or make spaghetti! That also is good for family fun (if you don't get upset over slurping of the noodles or messy faces. Gets everyone in a good happy mood. In my family it does 3 things... it's a favorite meal to one of them!

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