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                      SAMHAIN CREATIONS
                    Gourds, Gourds. Gourds!
Now is the time to scout for gourds - they can make great decorations to your altar and after drying they make good rattles.  Pumpkin-looking gourds make cute little jack-o-lanterns for decorations for altar or table.

                             The Time for Divination....
A scrying mirror is a tool you can easily make.
 Picture Frame
 Black Paint & Brush
 Trinkets (shells, gems, charms and etc.)
Take the glass out of the picture frame. Paint the glass black. When dry replace with painted side facing the back of the frame. Decorate the frame with whatever you like...a scrying mirror! Same thing could be done to a black bowl for a scrying bowl, to be used with water inside.  (If you are painting the inside, use waterproof paint!)

                         Nature Book
This is good for little ones.
 Sketchbook (paper without lines)
Walking the park; children can find things to feel.  They can do rubbings of them. Basically the item is placed under the sheet of paper, or in the case of bigger items the paper placed on the item. Then they rub the crayon over the item. It makes a pattern print of this item. Examples of rubbings are leaves, tree bark, stones, and even the parking lot.

                             Leaf Window
 Fallen Leaves
 Wax Paper
 Iron & Glue
 Black Construction Paper
Remember as kids ironing leave between wax paper?  Dawn's teacher had one better – black construction paper framing it, glued together to create a window. For an extra effect older children can make "tiffany glass" by cutting designs into the construction paper, or choose different colored paper. Use your imagination. Looks great in a sunny window!

                                YULE INSPIRATIONS
                Easy Ornament Ideas                                               
  Small Apples
 Sun, Stars, and Moons
 Small Boxes – covered with Yule paper
 Acorns or Nuts – painted gold or silver
Z Sparkling Ornaments @
 Craft Glue
 Wax Paper
On wax paper draw design with craft glue: spirals, small shapes for the season.  Sprinkle on glitter. add string for hanging. Let air dry.
                                           Cinnamon Ornaments
 1 Cup of Regular Applesauce (not the chunky variety)
 1 1/2 Cups of Ground Cinnamon
 1/3 Cup of White Glue
 Ribbon or String
Mix first three items together.  Chill for 30 minutes or more to stiffen dough. Shape or roll and cut dough into shapes.  When rolling out, don't roll thinner than ¼ inch, because it may crumble and break.  Use more cinnamon instead of flour to keep from sticking.  Poke a hole at the top for a ribbon or string for hanging.  Place the shapes on a cooling rack and dry for about two days. The color is a deep brown when the dough is wet, will lighten when dry.

                             Salt Dough Ornaments
 4 Parts Flour & 1 Part Salt
 Water (enough to make dough stiff )
Mix items together. Shape or roll and cut dough into shapes.  When rolling out, do not roll thinner than ¼ inch – any thinner will break when dried.  Paint can be added to dough and with glitter.  Poke a hole at the top for a ribbon or string for hanging.  Bake in a 225 degree oven for several hours and leave the ornaments in the oven to dry overnight. Can be painted/glittered after dry.
                                  Gingerbread People  .
Cardboard gingerbread people can be fun to decorate.  Just cut out cardboard people and let them color them!  Paper bags can be cut into people as a garland. Color as wanted…
For Gingerbread Cookie Recipe, see page 20 of The Oak Leaf

                  Special Gifts from Little Ones:
 T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Towels
 Fabric Paints
Pour some fabric paint on wax paper or in a small dish. Have your little one place hand in the fabric paint then onto item to be painted. A cool way to remember how tiny they were at Yule.
 Paint & Heavy Paper
 Magnets & Glue
Do the same as above (hand prints) with regular paint and heavy paper. Add a magnet to back. Magnets can be picked up at craft stores.

Recipes drawn from Family Fun