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Story Necklace

this is great for children, that have a hard time talking
about something that is bothering them.
However can be done by all ages

beads (all types)
straws (cut up to look like long pony beads)

You can find many different type of beads at the crafts stores.
They have shapes like cars, airplanes and so on. Metal, bone, glitter you name it they may have it.

Cut a string as long as you want. Around 24 inches or 36 inches.
You can use a shoe string if you want.
You can make a neckalce or you could make a bracelet.
The important part is the making and the talking.
You can do this myself or with a friend. Start with what is hurting you or has hurt you.
Tell it outloud, pick a button or bead.
Thread the bead on the string. Next pick a bead or button that is what you felt.
Say the feelings outloud. Keep going like that until you have your story out.
Tie the ends together when done. Wear if wanted until you feel you don't need to anymore.
This is your healing so if you feel better throwing it away do so... the hurt is healing.

With help from DJ Conway

Healing Jackets

I have seen and heard of healing jackets.
This are jackets women made with patches that they had sewn on.
The patches where a symbol of the healing after an abusive relationship.
But why stop at women in women's sheleters?
Why not all who have survied threw a hard part of thier lifes?
If this feels like something for you; do it! Or a blanket of patches? Of good as well as bad?

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