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Worry Beads

In Greece I read they have worry beads. You can hear the beads clicking together all over. Well I have never been to Greece but like the idea of the worry beads.

13 inch long string.
20 Beads

The beads can be anything: plastic, glass, wood, bone or metal. Use colors you want for the magick desired. Green: money. Pink and Red: love. String the beads losely. At the end you can put a tassel.
Bless your beads as you see fit incence, full moon etc.
Loop the beads around the middle and pointing finger. Start to rub the beads going clockwise.
When the beads are moving envision them bringing what you are asking for and taking away the negative.

Worry Stones

My aunt had a worry stone when I was growing up. She would rub it when she felt worried. She kept it on her table.
It was a white stone the type you find in a river bed (she had a river running threw her farm).
Nothing special just a rock.
Rocks can take our pain and take it back to mother earth
If you are going threw a hard time now and everthing seems to overwelm you?
Tell a worry stone and then send it back to the river. Give it to mother earth to take away.

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