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Asala, Joanne _Celtic Folklore Cooking_ 

    DJ Conway, Edain McCoy, David Harrington, 
          and Silver Ravenwolf 
  _Llewwllyn's Magical Almanac 1996_ ,  
  _Llewwllyn's Magical Almanac  1997_,  
  _Llewwllyn's Magical Almanac  1998_ , 

Johnson, Cait and  Shaw, Maura D.
  _ Celebrating the Great Mother : 
   A Handbook of Earth-Honoring 
   Activities for Parents and Children_

Johnson, Cait _Cooking like a Goddess_

Lapania, Margie _Goddess in the Kitchen_
Rosean, Lexa, _The Supermarket Sorceress_

Telesco, Patricia _A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook_


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